Payment Information

What Payment Methods are available

We have arranged to collect payment from

1) Credit/ Debit Cards
2) PayPal account (if you have one)
3) Direct Bank Transfer
4) Cash (for Local players only)

For either 1 or 2, we are using PayPal as our Payment Processor, so you will be directed through their payment system.

If you are using Direct Bank transfers or are Local Players paying with cash, this link gives details on paying using these methods

If you are not able to pay through any of these methods, please contact us using this Form.

How do I use the PayPal Payment Processing system

When you select your Congress Package you will be shown your "Shopping Cart", please check as suggested and Press the Pay with PayPal Button.

You do not need to have a PayPal Account.

We have an Account with PayPal to take payments and credit our account, hence why you are seeing PayPal systems.


Once you have checked and if necessary, corrected the Cart, Press the Pay button. I think it would be clearer if the button was labelled "Pay through PayPal".

You will now be taken to the "Pay with PayPal Page"


If you select "Pay with a Bank ….", you will next see the Card Details Entry Screen


Complete all the details and press the "Agree and Pay" button. If any key information is missing, you will be prompted to add or correct. If successful you will see a "Success" screen, otherwise you will be advised that Payment has failed. In the latter case, try again and if you are still unsuccessful, contact us through this Form

Payment Questions