Diamond Package

Entry Form for 2 Players for Saturday Pairs Only

Once you have satisfactorily completed the Entry Form, proceed to the payment section using the Button below the form.

Please ensure that you are happy to accept the
Congress Regulations, basically Laws of Bridge, Alerting etc prior to completing the Entry form to prevent having to re-enter information.

In order to pre-enter player names into the scoring system, your entry needs to give the full name of each player as they would like them to appear on the Congress results.

You do not need to include the two additional players names on the Entry Form.

We also need a telephone number in case we need to contact you during the Congress.

All Players are encouraged to have completed Convention cards.

If the Congress is Over Subscribed, Priority will be given to players entering the full Congress

Entries are not made till payment is successfully received and entry is confirmed.

Player Details

* Compulsory Field

Please do not Proceed to Payment until you have successfully completed the entry form. You will get a confirmatory message at the top of the form saying "Form successfully submitted".

If you proceed to payment, prior to a successfully completed form, we will not be able to relate the payment to your entry and so you will not be entered into the Congress.